AMD Mulling Breakup, Spinoff ➝

Liana B. Baker, reporting for Reuters:

One option under consideration is separating AMD’s graphics and licensing business from its server business, which sells processors that power data centers, one of the people said.

AMD had explored such a move in the past and decided against it, the people said. Su, however, who took over as CEO last October, judged that there is merit for the company to at least consider such a possibility again, the people added. There is no certainty that a split or spin-off will occur, the people cautioned.

I was a huge fan of AMD processors during their transition to 64-bit and dual-core chips while Intel was still limping along with their Hyper-Threading technology. I probably built about a half-dozen computers with various AMD processors during that time for myself and members of my family. But, that phase in my life ended shortly after I bought my first Mac in 2006.

I haven’t paid too much attention to AMD over the past several years, but I still think of them fondly as an important company that helped me fall in love with computers. It’s sad to see them struggle and I hope their new CEO has what it takes to get them back on track.