Rdio Launches Inexpensive ‘Rdio Select’ Streaming Music Service ➝

The service costs $3.99 per month and includes ad-free personalized radio alongside access to 25 songs a day that users can stream or download to their device (up to a maximum of 25 at a time).

All this talk of streaming music makes me wish there was an Audible-style music service that charged me $9.99 a month and gave me a credit toward one album that I would own. These credits could roll-over indefinitely (or practically indefinitely) so that even if I went several months without “purchasing” an album the money I spent on the service wouldn’t go to waste. There could also be a cloud component allowing me to stream my music to save on device storage or redownload tracks if they were ever lost due to a hardware failures. That is the kind of service I’d want to sign up for.