Filling the Green Circle ➝

Marco Arment:

Ever since getting the Apple Watch, not only have I been getting more consistent exercise, but I’m pushing myself further. I take more walks, and I walk faster and further than ever before. I’ve been walking Hops around the same streets for four years, but now I’ve been discovering new streets and paths just to extend our walking distance and try to beat my previous walks.

The Apple Watch has the potential to help its users live a healthier life. So far, It’s working great for Marco and I think it can work for anyone who decides to keep tabs on their daily activity circles. Once you get a string of days under your belt, you’ll find yourself going out of your way to keep the pace consistent.

This is one of the features I was most excited about on the Apple Watch and I love that its encouraging positive changes in the lives of its users. I can’t wait to start using it so that I can fill up the circles in my own daily activity view.