A Hulu Subscriber for Life ➝

Joe Caiati on the recent news of Hulu securing exclusive streaming rights for Seinfeld:

after yesterday’s news of them getting exclusive streaming rights to every episode of Seinfeld, they now have me as a subscriber for life (unless they lose the streaming rights and Seinfeld moves to another service.)

This was the smartest move Hulu could have ever made business-wise and although they’ve reportedly paid a hefty amount (~1 million) per 20-minute episode, I know many people who wouldn’t have given Hulu a second thought that are now going to subscribe to the service just because Seinfeld is now on it.

If Hulu doesn’t plan to go the route of producing their own content, like Amazon and Netflix have, then securing rights to high value syndicated content is the next best thing.

They haven’t won me over yet, though. Just a few weeks before this announcement I purchased the entire series of Seinfeld on DVD which I’m currently in the process of ripping to my media server.