‘The Most Personalized Service I’ve Ever Seen in an Apple Store’ ➝

Stephen Hackett shares his experience at an Apple Watch try-on appointment:

Trying on various Watches was a little weird. The employee with me was incredibly helpful, but had to take the Watch on and off my wrist. As someone who doesn’t like a lot of attention, it was a tad uncomfortable, but it was a great way to try a bunch of different bands. […]

All in all, the try-on appointments are pretty brilliant. I got to spend time with most of the product line, but didn’t feel rushed. I got individual attention, had my questions answered and even got to play with a working Watch, as opposed to just watching a Demo loop. It was the most personalized service I’ve ever seen in an Apple Store, and just what this product requires.

Apple couldn’t have customers trying on a a watch that’s tethered to a table, but the only way for them to truly experience the device is to physically try it on. This thinking clearly led Apple to where they are now with the in-store trials. It’s the best way for Apple to give customers a substantial and satisfying amount of time with the product allowing them to test multiple bands and Watch models.