A MacBook Reviewer’s Notebook ➝

Jason Snell, regarding the MacBook keyboard:

If you don’t type a whole lot, or very fast, you may not care about the substantially reduced key travel. And you can get used to it. But it’s just a tiny step up from typing on flat touchscreen glass. I managed to score almost 120 words per minute on TypeRacer on the MacBook keyboard, but I didn’t enjoy it. If you’re someone who notices when a keyboard feels different or weird, you will notice this keyboard.

I’ve spent the past two months typing almost everything on flat touchscreen glass and I’ve been happy to do so — I don’t expect it would take me long to get used to typing on the MacBook’s keyboard. But, it is something I look forward to trying out for myself.

I want to see if the wider keys affect my ability to instinctively know what my fingers are hovering over and whether or not the shallower keys are worth the compromise to achieve such a thin device. I suspect the compromises are worth it for the form factor. And if I even occasionally know where my fingers are while I’m typing on the iPad, I’ll probably do just fine on the MacBook keyboard.

But most importantly, I want to know whether or not I’ll actually like the changes. Because it’s one thing to put up with them and something else entirely to actually prefer them.