Surveying the Podcasting Landscape ➝

Robert McGinley Myers:

What podcasting offers, not unlike blogging before it, is the ability for every radio reporter, every audio storyteller, to decide that they don’t have to sell their stories before they make them. If their stories are good enough, and especially of they have a singular vision, those stories can stand on their own. Of course, this has been true since the dawn of podcasting. What’s new is that there’s now a sizable chunk of people willing to listen.

I’ve been listening to Robert’s Anxious Machine podcast since it launched last year. And while I don’t listen to every episode, I always look forward to seeing what topic it covers.

One of my favorite episodes is the one entitled “This Great, Noble Venture” in which he talks with Shawn Blanc about building his career as a writer. In the episode Shawn also discusses an old episode of the Macworld Podcast from 2007 where John Gruber explains why he doesn’t have comments on Daring Fireball. I remember listening to that exact same episode when it was released and feeling similarly inspired by John’s answer, just as Shawn was.

This episode of the Anxious Machine podcast helped to remind me why I decided to write for the web. And it’s one of the many inspirations behind the recent increase in publishing frequency here on Initial Charge. I hope the show’s second season continues to inspire me like the first one did.