Jim Dalrymple Reviews the 12-inch MacBook ➝

Jim Dalrymple on the MacBook’s one-port compromise in favor of portability:

People who buy the MacBook aren’t buying it for its expandability, but rather for its other features, namely the size. I don’t have a lot of devices I need to connect to the MacBook, so I’d rather have a smaller laptop with a dongle than carry around a heavier laptop with ports I’m not using 90 percent of the time. […]

The good news is that if you need more ports or more power, Apple has two other MacBook product lines that may suit your needs. For me, I’m sticking with MacBook.

A lot of Apple watchers react to the company’s new products as if they Apple isn’t allowed to make devices that aren’t suited for them. But that isn’t the case — introducing a product that isn’t best for you can’t be considered a misstep unless they don’t offer any products that are best for you.

If you want an extremely portable machine but can’t get by with a single USB-C port, just buy a MacBook Air. No one’s going to force you to buy a computer you don’t want and the existence of this MacBook doesn’t change the viability of the computers you already own. And even though the future we’re heading towards is one of ubiquitous wireless peripherals, Apple will continue offering notebook computers with a multitude of ports for years to come.