Mike Becky

Levels of Apple Watch Readiness ➝

David Smith on having your applications ready for Apple Watch on day one:

I think the Apple Watch is really compelling as a device, and think that in the long run it will be a significant market for application developers.

There is unfortunately no shortcut to gaining expertise in a subject. You can only truly understand something by working on it, by immersing yourself in it, by building terrible prototypes and throwing them away. You cannot throw away what you haven’t made.

His recommendation is that, at this point, developers should have at least built solid second drafts for their applications and spent a reasonable amount of time reading documention and weblog posts about WatchKit. I’m still not sold on how successful the Apple Watch will actually be, but there’s no harm in learning about the platform and there’s a lot to be gained from being one of the first developers to market with high quality Apple Watch apps.