Marco on Apple’s Software Quality ➝

Marco Arment:

I’m typing this on a computer whose existence I didn’t even think would be possible yet, but it runs an OS riddled with embarrassing bugs and fundamental regressions. Just a few years ago, we would have relentlessly made fun of Windows users for these same bugs on their inferior OS, but we can’t talk anymore.

I think it’s very common for those of us who are interested in technology to complain about the focus of software development. We want large companies like Apple to pump the brakes every so often and spend their time focusing on fixing bugs and refining features rather than adding new complexities that may introduce problems to the software.

I’m very happy with the existing feature-sets of OS X and iOS. I just want everything to work more smoothly. What I think many of us are yearning for is Snow Leopard-like releases. A OS X and iOS releases that focuses on under-the-hood refinements rather than user-facing features.

I don’t care about the next version of Time Machine, I don’t care about parallax on the home screen, and I don’t care about any new ways I can view my open tabs in Safari. I just want rock-solid operating systems that I can rely on.