Mike Becky

App Store Curation ➝

Jean-Louis Gassée in an open letter to Tim Cook:

Instead of using algorithms to sort and promote the apps that you permit on your shelves, why not assign a small group of adepts to create and shepherd an App Store Guide, with sections such as Productivity, Photography, Education, and so on. Within each section, this team of respected but unnamed (and so “ungiftable”) critics will review the best-in-class apps. Moreover, they’ll offer seasoned opinions on must-have features, UI aesthetics, and tips and tricks. A weekly newsletter will identify notable new titles, respond to counter-opinions, perhaps present a developer profile, footnote the occasional errata and mea culpa.

This would certainly help drive innovation in the iOS developer community and slow the constant churn towards the bottom that many have started noticing as of late. Or at the very least it would do a better job than the App Store continuing as it has been with “top lists” being the primary way that users find new apps.