Apple iPod Hi-Fi ➝

Andrew Kim, taking a trip down memory lane:

It was 2006. Apple was dominating the mp3-player market and so far ahead of the competition that it wasn’t funny anymore. Apple pulled a classic Sony move and introduced the unbelievably compact iPod nano a year before. To annoy everyone even further, they also launched what is arguably the best iPod in history, the 5th generation iPod. So what was there to do for Apple? Build a speaker for the iPod of course.

There’s some beautiful photography in this piece talking about the iPod Hi-Fi — one of Apple’s few blunders over the past decade. Like Andrew, I’ve always had a fondness for the device. I never owned one — it was a bit too expensive for me — but I always wanted one. I even spent a brief period of time contemplating buying a used one on eBay after they were discontinued.