CarPlay and Safety ➝

Jim Dalrymple on distracted driving:

Drivers are distracted. This isn’t new, drivers have been distracted since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line—people are talking, music playing on the radio, even other cars are distracting. What is new is that, if anything, drivers are becoming more distracted. Text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and many other beeps and vibrations take a driver’s eyes off the road to focus on their devices.

CarPlay isn’t any more distracting than any of the other gadgets we use in our cars. And, it’s certainly safer than using your actual phone while your driving.

I especially like this bit from the end of Jim’s piece:

We are never going to get rid of distractions in the car. What we can do is give drivers the technology they need to help themselves be as safe as possible. That’s CarPlay.

I’d feel safer if other drivers were using CarPlay rather than doing any of a number of other things that could distract them while driving.