Mike Becky

Why It Feels Like Apple Stopped Innovating Three Years Ago ➝

Nicholas Carlson writing for Business Insider:

The reason it feels like Apple has stopped innovating to so many people is that the last time it tried to do what it does best — perfect a technology that allows humans to interact with computers — it failed. And that was two and a half years ago. The last time it succeeded was 2006 — eight years ago.

He’s referring to Siri as Apple’s last innovation and mentions data showing that it only works about 79% of the time.

It’s a strong argument. Apple hasn’t really announced anything with quite the whiz-bang that Siri has in quite a while. There has been some innovation — small software improvements and things like Touch ID — but nothing on the same level as Siri. But again, not only does Siri fail a large portion of the time, I don’t know anyone that actually uses it very often. From my experience the only time anyone actually uses Siri is when they’re trying to get Siri to react in a funny way and not when they’re attempting to get any actual information from it.