Black Pixel Working on New Version of NetNewsWire ➝

Daniel Pasco writing on the Black Pixel Weblog:

First, we intend to bring sync to future versions of NetNewsWire. It’s too soon to go into details about this, but you should know that we recognize how extremely important it is and that it is a top priority for us.

Second, even though we’ve been quiet about it, we have been working on new versions of NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. We have some great new features and a modern design that we can’t wait to show you.

I doubt that this will be the case, but I’d love for NetNewsWire to support syncing with Fever. But if not, I’m still interested to see what newer versions of NetNewsWire will bring to the table. RSS clients have been stagnant for the past few years and, if anything, Google shutting down Reader has given other developers a kick in the pants to start innovating with their clients.