Digital Lung ➝

Aaron Mahnke on what he calls “Digital Lung”:

I used to think I could spend my entire day following tech news, trying to stay caught up on twitter and App.net and following digital rabbit trails. Sometimes I came close, in the moments when I allowed it. But I’m busier now, and as demand for my design work continues to grow, I’ve abandoned my RSS reader in favor of silence and peace. Sometimes I feel like I need to go all the way and disconnect from it all. I feel numb most of the time and I’ve been trying to figure out why.

I’ve had many of the same feelings lately, work at my day job is getting more demanding and, as a result, I’ve been spending less of my free time reading tech news and writing. I’m hoping that my lack of motivation is still just the residual effects of the holidays taking their toll on me and that I’ll be back on the saddle writing more frequently.