Regarding Apple and Google Maps ➝

John Gruber:

I don’t use maps frequently. I go weeks at a time without venturing more than a few blocks from home, and when I do travel, it’s generally to places I’m already familiar with. So while I really have personally found iOS 6 Maps to be a nice update over the old Google Maps-backed iOS Maps, I don’t feel it’s a point I should hammer upon because, as someone who seldom uses Maps, I have no sense of whether I’m right that Apple’s Maps is actually pretty good and getting an unfair bad shake in the public’s perception, or, if I simply don’t use it enough to see just how bad it really is.

I feel the same way that Gruber does about mapping applications. I just don’t use them often enough to justify writing about them. I have had an instance in which Google’s Maps gave me inaccurate results and, although I haven’t found results from Apple’s Maps to be inaccurate, I feel I haven’t used the app enough to put any weight behind my experience with it.