iOS 6 Maps and China ➝

Apple’s new Maps app has been quite accurate for me during the little bit of time I’ve actually used it. The only time it gave me odd results I simply switched to list view to find the pizza place I actually wanted (instead of the one that was three hours away). A little annoying, but far from the frustrations that others have had with it.

Anthony Drendel, developer of Sunstroke, proves that I’m not the only one that isn’t having problems with the new maps app:

It seems like people really hate the new Maps in iOS 6. Now, I’m not disputing that Maps does give a lot of strange results to a lot of people all around the world, but for a large, large number of people, iOS 6 Maps has been a huge improvement over Google Maps. I’m talking about those of us who live in China (you know, the place with 1.3+ billion people and the second-largest economy in the world). Google Maps was always pretty terrible here. In the big cities and tourist centers, it was passable. Once you left China’s large metropolises, however, you were pretty much on your own.

So, at least a few people are going to be seeing better results with the new app. I guess it’s not a strict downgrade.