About that $299 iPad ➝

James Wang:

Apple’s pricing strategy for its iPad series is crucial to the tablet market. It remains to be seen at what price level Apple will set its entry-level iPad. For Wi-Fi only models, US$299, US$349 or US$399 may all be possible.

There’s no indication that DigiTimes has any information specifically pointing to a $299 price point. It reads as pure speculation to me. And, I don’t think it’s very well thought out.

I don’t see any reason for Apple to lower the starting price point of the iPad by that much. Apple generally doesn’t make big leaps in pricing like this, especially when it’s not at all necessary. If Apple does announce two new iPad models they would likely be aimed at the high and mid-end of the market, as DigiTimes suggests. But, I wouldn’t expect them to drop the price of the iPad 2 below $399. This would allow Apple to own the entire tablet market from $399 and up.

Refurbished models, though, are a different story. It’s entirely possible that Apple will sell refurbished iPad 2s for $299 but not with any consistent availability. But, I don’t think refurbished models was what James Wang was writing about.

(Via The iPhone Blog.)