Mike Becky

‘I can’t blog from the iPad’ ➝

Dave Caolo, explaining better than anyone, exactly why he can’t write for his weblog on the iPad:

When I’m writing an article, I like to refer to research material, like a source, supporting articles, etc. Typically that means hopping between browser tabs or text documents. Neither is really feasible with the iPad.

One year and five months after the iPad’s initial release and it’s still too difficult to write on the iPad with this workflow.

Dave seems to place more blame on Mobile Safari and iOS than I think he should. The truth is that no one has built a decent weblogging application for the iPad. And, that’s a serious disappointment. Developers have had plenty of time to build a decent application for weblogging on this thing, but instead we get more text editors, “writing environments,” and bird-based video games. Not that I dislike any of those, but where’s the iPad’s MarsEdit?