Facebook’s Recent Changes ➝

Dave Winer:

What clued me in was an article on ReadWriteWeb that says that just reading an article on their site may create an announcement on Facebook. Something like: “Bull Mancuso just read a tutorial explaining how to kill a member of another crime family.” Bull didn’t comment. He didn’t press a Like button. He just visited a web page. And an announcement was made on his behalf to everyone who follows him on Facebook. Not just his friends, because now they have subscribers, who can be total strangers.

Every time I turn around Facebook is making some sort of change to their website that should make everyone reconsider whether the benefits of using the social network out-weigh the security concerns. I completely deleted my Facebook account a long time ago and as long as they continue to make changes like this I have absolutely no interest in returning.

And my biggest concern isn’t really with my own privacy, it’s with the privacy of my friends and family who don’t know that changes like this are taking place and often times find themselves in situations where information is posted publicly that they didn’t want to post publicly.

I just wish more people would share the concerns of Dave Winer and I.

(Via The Brooks Review.)