On Solid State Drive Failure Rates ➝

Jeff Atwood on Coding Horror:

I feel ethically and morally obligated to let you in on a dirty little secret I’ve discovered in the last two years of full time SSD ownership. Solid state hard drives fail. A lot. And not just any fail. I’m talking about catastrophic, oh-my-God-what-just-happened-to-all-my-data instant gigafail. It’s not pretty.

It’s hard to argue with real world experiences. It seems that solid state drives fail much quicker and much more often than traditional hard drives.

But even with this high potential for failure, my next computer will have an SSD and I’m even considering purchasing SSDs for all of my existing computers. The immense performance gain is just too good not to have. And, I backup often enough that I can pick things up where I left off pretty quickly if anything ever goes wrong.