The Apple HDTV ➝

Marco Arment on the recent rumors of an Apple-made HDTV:

It causes practical problems, too: TVs usually require large warehouses and very large retail display areas, which Apple’s retail stores aren’t ideal for. And large TVs usually require in-home service, which Apple doesn’t offer for any other products.

This is an argument I’ve never heard anyone make before, but it’s incredibly strong. Most Apple retail stores could probably find room on their sales floor for a couple of demo units — especially with the removal of most boxed software thanks to the Mac App Store. But, finding space in the back room is where things get a little tough. HDTVs come in big boxes and if you sell dozens of them a week (or day) you’ll have to find space to hold all of them. I’ll bet most Apple Stores just don’t have the room.

It’s much more likely that Apple will simply license AirPlay to television manufacturers, so that owners of AirPlay enabled TVs could stream video from their iOS devices over Wi-Fi.