iPad vs iPad 2: RAM performance in Mobile Safari ➝

This is the only video I’ve seen that really makes me want to buy an iPad 2. Out of all the features and enhancements that Apple brought with the iPad 2, increasing the RAM was by far the most important to me.

I often write on my iPad and would love to use WordPress’ PressThis bookmarklet to do all of my writing, just like I do on my iMac. But, with the iPad’s tendency to reload webpages it’s nearly impossible. The few times I write like this I’m doing so in fear that the page I’m writing in will be cleared from memory and will have to reload.

I have found a simple way to work around that, though. I now write exclusively in Simplenote and use iOS 4.3’s new multitouch gestures to jump between Simplenote and Safari. This gives me peace of mind knowing that what I’m writing won’t be lost with the benefit that the 4-finger swipe to jump back and forth is actually much faster than switching pages in Safari. After I’m done writing I just copy and paste the text into WordPress’ “Add New Post” page, add my tags, categories, and custom fields, then hit publish.