HP’s Todd Bradley All But Confirms webOS Tablet ➝

Vlad Savov reporting on a CNBC interview with HP’s Todd Bradley during CES:

In a discussion revolving around webOS, Bradley was asked how HP intends to differentiate itself from the iPad and improve upon it, to which he quipped, “you and I will talk about that on the 9th.” If that’s not a confirmation that we’ll finally have our unicorn of a webOS tablet next month, we don’t know what is. Even more encouraging is the implication further on in the interview that HP could have debuted this slate at CES, but opted to do an unveiling at a separate event so as to properly highlight just how awesome it is.

“the 9th” is referencing HP’s webOS event that they will be holding on February 9. I’m actually very excited to see what HP has up their sleeve for this event.