Maybe We Will Forget

My apologies for thinking that Apple’s announcement “that you’ll never forget” was something big. Both the Wall Street Journal and Billboard believe that Apple will be announcing the availability of the Beatles catalog in iTunes.

That certainly doesn’t mean that the Beatles catalog will be the entire announcement. But, we do know it’s not a music subscription service. Peter Kafka’s sources in the music industry haven’t heard anything about a deal between Apple and the big music labels. This doesn’t just kill the possibility of a music subscription service, but also rules out a cloud backup and streaming service for content you’ve already purchased in iTunes. It also doesn’t leave a lot of other possible announcements.

BGR is reporting that references to “iTunes Live Stream” have been found in an iTunes 10.1 property list file. This new streaming service could be a big part of Apple’s announcement. However, I’d bet that it’s just a way for Apple fans to watch keynote streams from within iTunes. Not really a big deal.

My biggest problem with possibility that the Beatles catalog is the only announcement is that it doesn’t warrant placement on the homepage of Apple’s website. A spot at the top of iTunes main page is one thing, but on Apple’s homepage? It seems a little excessive. And the wording of the tease is what really gets me.

Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.

I defy you to point out one Beatles fan who doesn’t already have Beatles albums in their iTunes library. I understand that the availability in iTunes will expose a whole new generation to their music. But it doesn’t need a tease the day beforehand on Apple’s homepage stating that it’ll will be an exciting announcement that you’ll never forget.

But, I still have hope that Apple pulls something out of their hat. Maybe Apple will offer 99-cent TV show rentals from more content providers. That would be dandy. And it would give me a better reason to ask for an Apple TV for Christmas.

But really, if the Beatles catalog is the only announcement, I hope I forget about it.