Chrome OS Coming in ‘the Next Few Months’ ➝

Devin Coldewey reporting from the Web 2.0 conference earlier this week:

Schmidt outed Gingerbread and the Nexus S as being forthcoming within the next few weeks, which suggests we’ll have a solid date soon. […] As for Chrome OS, well, it’s not the news we wanted to hear. November was supposed to be the big debut, but that’s looking mighty unlikely, as Schmidt put the release at sometime in “the next few months.” No holiday release then, I suppose.

I’m not really sure why Google is still actively developing Chrome OS. It was a dumb idea to begin with — developing and promoting two competing mobile operating systems — but that didn’t stop them from announcing it and doesn’t seem to be stopping them from releasing it either. I just wish they’d realize that a browser-based operating system isn’t what everyone wants anymore, it’s all about native apps now.