‘It’s not slick at all.’ ➝

From the “Performance and battery life” section of James Rivington’s review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for TechRadar:

So let’s get this out of the way right off the bat – the Galaxy Tab is not as slick as we were hoping it would be. In fact, it’s not slick at all.

Despite the 1Ghz processor, there are some significant performance issues here and in many cases they hamper the usability and performance of the Tab to treacherous levels.

It’s quite a detailed review but overall James was disappointed by the device. Apple devices used to (and occasionally still do) get knocked for costing more than competitor’s products but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Apple makes high quality products that work incredibly well and manages to price them at a level that no one can compete with. Competitors are having a hard time developing a functional 7-inch tablet that costs $500 — the Galaxy Tab is priced at $599. If these manufacturers are struggling with 7-inch tablets it’ll be quite a while before we see a competing 10-inch tablet that even comes close to Apple’s $500 price point.