Papermaster’s Failings ➝

John Gruber analyzing Apple’s iPhone 4 promotional video:

But it was Mansfield, not Papermaster, who appears in Apple’s six-minute iPhone 4 promotional video — and that video was shot weeks (months?) before the iPhone 4 was unveiled. The other executives who appear in the video: Jonny Ive, Greg Joswiak, and Scott Forstall. Mansfield talks about the Retina Display, the advantages of its higher resolution, and the engineering behind it. Then at the end, Mansfield comes back to talk about the A4 system-on-a-chip — literally Papermaster’s area of expertise.

John Gruber also points out that Mark Papermaster is likely the person responsible for the whole white iPhone ordeal.

But, it’s not just the iPhone that has had hardware issues on Papermaster’s watch, the iPod touch that was announced at last September iPod event was announced with the much-rumored camera mysteriously missing. All signs pointed to that iPod touch having a camera but it didn’t happen. It’s hard to tell if Papermaster was to blame but it seems likely to me.