webOS Headed to a Tablet by October ➝

CNET has already reported that HP plans to use webOS on slate PCs and printers.

But, DigiTimes has spoken with Monty Wong, vice president of personal computing systems group at HP Taiwan, who said that webOS will be used in tablet computers. Even mentioning that the HP Slate will hit the market before the end of October. DigiTimes doesn’t explicitly say that the Slate will run webOS but that is certainly the implication.

Running webOS on printers and tablets makes a lot of sense. webOS is a low-powered OS that would run just fine on a printer. The multitouch interface would make it much easier for users to manipulate photos that could, for example, be printed off of an SD card. And the iPad has shown the power of tablet computers running an operating systems that has been built from the ground with touchscreens in mind.

At first glance I was worried that the HP acquisition of Palm would be detrimental to webOS. But, HP seems to be taking webOS in the right direction.