Engadget Reviews the Kin One and Two ➝

Joshua Topolsky writing in Engadget’s review:

While using the One and Two we found ourselves consistently confused or surprised by how many bad little interface problems there are. Not only does the phone make it hard to do simple tasks — and not only are the social networking features poorly implemented — but the handsets are often sluggish, hiccupy, and downright crash-prone. We were told by the devices on more than one occasion that we needed to restart (while performing basic tasks), and often it would just throw us a blank screen while we waited for the device to come back from whatever tragic internal situation was occurring. It would be wonderful to say more good about the phone’s UI — but we just can’t.

It’s difficult to explain how irked I am about the Kin. Microsoft needs to unify their mobile platforms — I don’t see how they could be successful without doing so.