Mike Becky

On Paul Thurrott’s iPad Impressions ➝

Paul Thurrott recently published his first impressions of the iPad. Here’s some of the interesting parts:

The power plug is the bigger, uglier old-style plug, not the new small, square one you get with iPhone.

That small, square one you get with the iPhone only outputs as much power as a standard USB port. The smaller USB power adapter would take twice as long to charge the iPad as the 10W adapter that comes with it.

Why isn’t this widescreen? It’s so obvious.

It seems that Thurrott is one of the few who hasn’t come to terms with the iPad’s aspect ratio. I think Neven Mrgan had the best explanation for why the iPad isn’t 16:9, he even used a nice visual aid.

There’s only a single speaker. It actually sounds OK but come on: It should [sic] four speakers so there’s always stereo sound, regardless of the screen orientation.

He seriously believes that this device should have four speakers. The hardware speakers aren’t for serious listening, if you plan on doing that I suggest getting yourself a pair of headphones.

This thing is crying out for dual cameras.

I can understand a front-facing camera — like a webcam — but why would you want one on the back of the device as well? I don’t think anyone wants to hold a 1.5 lbs. device straight out in front of them to take a picture, that’s just silly.

And the pièce de résistance:

Anyone who believes this thing is a game changer is a tool.