The iPad’s Missing Apps ➝

John Gruber of Daring Fireball shines some light on the iPads missing apps. He also puts the kibosh on the whole dashboard widgets concept and quite honestly it was a pipe dream from the get-go.

But, speaking about why the apps are missing, Gruber simply explains that they just aren’t going to be there. Apple did have internal versions of the apps but scrapped them before announcement. I guess Steve Jobs just wasn’t happy with scaled up versions of the apps.

After looking at the list of missing applications again (Stocks, Weather, Voice Memos, Clock, Calculator, and Compass), the only app that I’ll actually miss is Calculator. The only other application in that list that I actually use is Clock and because I always have my iPhone close at hand I don’t think there will be much use for it on the iPad.

Whether Apple adds these apps in future firmware upgrades remains to be seen, but I don’t expect many people to miss them all that much.