New iPad Details ➝

Along with the pre-order page, Apple also expanded the features page for the iPad with some new details. Here’s what we’ve learned since Apple began accepting pre-orders.

  • The switch on the side of the iPad, previously thought to be a silent mode switch, is now a screen rotation lock. I’ve been begging for a feature like this on the iPhone for a while now and I’m glad that Apple decided to give it it’s own hardware switch on the iPad.
  • When using the 250MB plan on the iPad it will notify you as you get closer to your limit. You’ll get three alerts — at 20 percent, 10 percent, and zero. With each alert you’ll be given the option to add more data or ignore the warning.
  • VoiceOver can read books to you, similar to the Kindle’s text to speech feature.
  • The App Store will have a special section specifically for iPad apps.

If you were wondering how to replace the iPad’s battery, The Loop has found that Apple’s iPad battery replacement program will cost $99 plus $6.95 for shipping. Rather than Apple replacing the battery in the iPad, they will send you another one (likely a refurbished model).

And lastly, iLounge has discovered an FCC document that reveals the dimensions for the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad. This model will be 0.3mm taller and 0.1mm wider than the Wi-Fi-only model. Apple hasn’t put these specs on their own website, and I’m a little surprised to hear that the dimensions are different.