Marco Arment Previews Instapaper on iPad ➝

Last night Marco Arment published a preview of Instapaper for the iPad on the Instapaper Blog. Instapaper is a wonderful little service that single-handedly convinced me to get a Kindle. Instapaper let’s you quickly save web articles with a bookmarklet for later reading.

I use Instapaper on my iPhone and my Kindle but am really excited about using it on the iPad. Marco has decided to build Instapaper for the iPad as a universal iPhone/iPad application. That means that buying Instapaper Pro gets you the iPhone and the iPad version in one.

All of the features from the iPhone version of the app will be there, including dark mode and adjustable fonts. And, Marco has happily announced that Instapaper for the iPad will be available on (or near) day one.

Developers have been left with a choice to either release their application on day one without ever testing it on an iPad or wait to test on an iPad and release it late. Marco explains his decision simply:

While I could have taken the conservative option and waited until a month or two after the iPad’s release before launching Instapaper for it, an iPad without native Instapaper Pro is not a device I want to own.

I hope other developers feel the same way about their own apps.