Mike Becky

iPad App Store Walkthrough ➝

Shortly after App Annie posted iPad App Store screenshots, Federico Viticci has published two videos to his Vimeo account demoing the iPad App Store.

The first video, Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video, shows the ability to browse applications in coverflow, individual application pages, and also reveals some of the pricing of iPad applications. According to the video, many iPad applications will be around twice as expensive as their iPhone counterparts. Plenty of $7.99 and $9.99 price points.

The second video, Browsing the iPad App Store, Part II: Charts Categories, iPhone Apps, reveals more application prices, various charts including top revenue, top paid, and top free. The video also displays a new feature (at least to me), the ability to show and hide iPhone apps from the App Store.

I’m incredibly excited to see what developers have been working on for the iPad. My only worry is that they’re pricing their applications too high. I’ve always felt that a really good iPhone application should cost $2.99-4.99 and my impression is that really good iPad applications should cost $4.99-9.99. But, I think there will be far more $9.99 apps at launch then there should be.