Google Nexus One ➝

Google has officially announced the Nexus One. The device has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, a second microphone used for noise cancellation, and a 3.7-inch OLED touchscreen.

The Nexus One is available unlocked for $529 or with a 2-year T-Mobile contract for $179. It will be available for Verizon and Vodafone this Spring.

The handset looks nice. I really like the idea of noise cancellation and 512MB of RAM is certainly nicer than the iPhone 3GS’s 256MB. But, I’m starting to get a little bugged that every 2-3 months there is a new high-end Android device. I can’t imagine developers are too happy about it and I’m sure customers will start to get annoyed that their brand new DROID is starting to look a little old already.

If Google wants Android to succeed they need to spend a little bit more time pushing a device before moving on to the next new handset.

Image credit to Josh Lowensohn.

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Update 1/6/10: David Pogue regarding the Nexus One’s storage capacity:

The Nexus can accommodate memory cards up to 32 gigabytes (a 4-gigabyte card comes with it) — and yet, inexplicably, the Nexus allots only a tiny 190 megabytes of storage for downloaded apps.

Thomas Ricker, writing for Engadget, has analyzed iFixit’s teardown of the Nexus One. Ricker has found that the Nexus One supports 802.11n and FM transmission in hardware. 802.11n is listed on Google’s technical specifications page but not on HTC’s.

Update 1/15/10: Google has removed 802.11n from their technical specifications. The device does indeed support it in hardware but the software isn’t there yet.