‘TabletMac’ Trademark and Apple Tablet Pricing ➝

MacRumor’s Arnold Kim reports that Apple has gained control of the “TabletMac” trademark. Axiotron originally owned the trademark and used it to sell their Modbook product.

Transfer in ownership doesn’t implicitly mean that they will be releasing a tablet, it’s entirely possible that they are doing so to avoid confusion with Apple’s own trademarks.

Another recent tablet rumor comes from Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht. During episode 231 (the relevant bits start at roughly the 24 minute mark) of Diggnation Kevin Rose asked guest John Hodgman if he knew anything about the tablet. Hodgman replied: “you think they’d tell me?”

Shortly after that exchange Kevin revealed that Alex had heard something about the tablet. After some convincing, Alex eventually conceded: “I was shocked at how cheap the price point is going to be.”

Alex declined to elaborate but just based on Kevin’s track record (which is hit and miss) there’s no way of knowing how credible Alex’s information is.

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