TomTom Car Kit Comes to Apple’s Online Store ➝

TomTom Car Kit - Apple's Online Store

The TomTom Car Kit is now available for $119.95 on Apple’s online store. The application does not come bundled with the Car Kit but the product description puts to rest whether or not the kit is compatible with the first generation iPhone.

The TomTom app for iPhone is not included with this TomTom Car Kit. The Car Kit dock is compatible with all iPhone models, but the Car Kit app only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G

No mention of the iPod touch — sounds to me like it isn’t supported, but I haven’t been able to find any confirmation of that.

Update 10/28/09: AppleInsider has received confirmation from TomTom that the Car Kit and TomTom application are not compatible with the iPod touch and first generation iPhone. When asked if support could be added in the future a company spokesman simply said TomTom has not made any “public announcements.”

Update 11/23/09: A TomTom representative has confirmed on Twitter that they will be releasing an iPod touch compatible Car Kit in the United States soon.