Barnes and Noble E-Book Reader ➝

Gizmodo managed to uncover some details and images of the upcoming Barnes & Noble e-book reader. The e-reader is set to be released next week at a special event in New York City and has been under development for years.

The device runs Android and has a layout that is  like no other e-reader on the market. It will have a 6-inch e-ink display up above with a multitouch LCD display below.

The device seems to have 3G although there is some question as to which carrier will be used for its network access. There is no word on pricing but the device is said to be targeted at a price point below that of the Kindle’s.

There wasn’t any mention in Gizmodo’s article as to whether or not this device would have a web browser. I would love to see a web browser in this device, I don’t find myself wanting to read books all that often but the ability to read longer form articles from the web on an e-ink display would certainly cut down on the eye strain.

Update 10/19/09: The Wall Street Journal (redirected through Google to get past their pay wall) reports that the Barnes and Noble e-book reader will be announced tomorrow. The device will be named “Nook” and will cost $259.

Update 10/22/09: Barnes and Noble ‘nook’

Update 12/10/09: Barnes & Noble nook Reviews Start Pouring In

Update 12/20/09: Barnes & Noble Sending $100 Gift Certificates to nook Pre-Orderers