Mike Becky

The Palm Pixi ➝

The rumored Palm Pixie/Eos device has officially been announced. Now named the Palm Pixi, the new WebOS based device will be coming to Sprint this holiday season.

The device does not include Wi-Fi but does have 8GB of storage, a 2 megapixel camera with flash, and a 2.63-inch 320×400 display.

Just like it’s older brother, the Palm Pre, the Pixi has a full QWERTY keyboard (although not of the slide-out variety) a hardware ringer on/off switch, a removable battery, and support for the Touchstone (with an optional back cover).

There hasn’t been any price announcements as of yet but the Palm Pre’s price just dropped to $149.99, so $99 sounds like a likely price point.

It’s unfortunate that the device is headed for Sprint and not AT&T, as previous rumors stated, but Palm will finally have a device that is capable of competing with the $99 iPhone 3G.

Palm Eos/Pixie Confirmed in Pre Code
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Update 9/19/09: According to John Paczkowski of All Things Digital, Palm’s App Catalog will begin selling applications on September 24.