Griffin Releases App Controlled FM Transmitter ➝

Griffin iTrip

Griffin has released their new iTrip FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod. The FM transmitter can be completely controlled with Griffin’s iTrip Controller app.

The application has a very simple interface that allows you to use Griffin’s SmartScan, which finds the best available frequency to broadcast on. Adjustments made on the application instantly occur on the iTrip.

Other iTrip features:

  • Display track and artist information on RDS-compatible radios
  • Three frequency presets
  • Stereo and mono transmission
  • Micro-USB port for charging any iPod or iPhone from a compatible charger.

The iTrip is available immediately from major retailers and Griffin’s online store for $49.99, the iTrip Controller app is also available in the App Store now.

I haven’t had an opportunity to use the device yet, I already have a cassette tape adapter in my car and I’m not much for FM transmitters. But, if I was going to purchase an FM transmitter, this is the one I would buy.

Update 9/29/09: iLounge is reporting that the Griffin iTrip supports a new iPhoneOS feature that I (until this point) hadn’t even heard of. Made For iPod- and Works With iPhone-certified developers are allowed to include automatic application download prompts when connecting accessories. When you connect the Griffin iTrip to an iPhone or iPod touch that does not have the iTrip Control application installed it asks you if you’d like to install it.