First & 20

My iPhone Home Screen

One of the first questions an iPhone owner asks another iPhone owner is “what apps do you have installed?” The App Store has become an integral part of the iPhone experience, so it’s only natural to be curious what apps other iPhone owners use.

In comes First & 20, a website that displays the iPhone home screens of several designers, developers and tech writers. Inspired by First & 20, I decided to share my home screen as well.

Maybe I just got spoiled by iPhone 1.0 but cluttered home screens always bug me, that’s why I try to leave one row empty on every screen.

I use every application on my home screen every single day. And, the majority of them are default apps. But, of the third-party applications, Birdfeed gets the most use. I love Twitter and Birdfeed is the best client I’ve found. It has just the right number of features while still maintaining a clean user interface. I’m still not happy about the chat bubbles but I’m willing to deal with it for it’s overall simplicity.

Birdhouse is my Twitter notepad. I’ve found that my most interesting ideas for tweets come all at once, being the good Twitter user that I am I prefer not to bombard my followers with a flurry of tweets all at once, so the ones that aren’t time sensitive all hit Birdfeed and are posted during downtime.

The next two apps are web apps. Fever is Shaun Inman’s fantastic RSS feed reader. Whenever I get a few minutes, whether I’m in a line or otherwise, I probably have Fever open. It’s the best feed reader I’ve ever used and has a much better mobile interface than Google Reader does. Mint is another one of Shaun Inman’s apps. It is a self-hosted web stats package.

Simplenote is a drop dead simple notes application that syncs with the cloud. When I’m at my desktop I can view my notes with Simplenote’s web app.