Mike Becky

Covino & Rich iPod touch Was Real ➝

It turns out that the “Fake Images of the Upcoming iPod touch” that Covino & Rich published were actually real. A MacRumors reader pointed out that the Covino & Rich iPod touch lines up with the internals of the third-generation iPod touch (published by iFixit), both of which are distinct from the second-generation iPod touch.

This can’t just be a coincidence, the leaked iPod touch was a real Apple prototype.

What’s strange about this find is that Apple still hasn’t sent a takedown notice to Covino & Rich, or Apple has and Covino & Rich haven’t complied. But, I suspect we would have heard about it if a takedown notice was sent.

There has been evidence that Apple is still planning on releasing an iPod touch with a camer. The most likely reason for the lack of a camera in the current iPod touch is that (as HardMac said) Apple simply had manufacturing issues with it.

The New iPod Lineup
8/14/09: Fake Images of the Upcoming iPod touch

Update 10/14/09: 9 to 5 Mac is pointing out an Apple knowledge base article entitled: “iPhone and iPod touch: Disabling digital camera notification in Mac OS X.” An interesting find but do we all need to be reminded that the iPod touch can save photos into a “Saved Photos” section within the Photos application?

Update 11/24/09: iPod touch Camera Rumors Resurface