Apple’s Back to School Promotion Ends September 8 ➝

Back to School Promo 2009

Apple announced this years back to school promo back in May and when I first wrote about it I was under the impression that it would run until October 8. Apple recently sent out an email confirming that the deal would end on September 8 (the day before Apple’s iPod event).

The deal is just like in years past, college students and college/k-12 faculty who buy a qualifying Mac (any Mac that isn’t refurbished or a Mac mini) can also get a free iPod.

From my article back in May:

You won’t be able to get any iPod for free, and the rebates are different depending on what iPod you purchase, here’s the details:

  • $229 rebate on an iPod touch
  • $229 rebate on iPod classic
  • $199 rebate on a 16GB iPod nano
  • $149 rebate on an 8GB iPod nano
  • $79 rebate on an iPod shuffle

Because of my impressions on when this deal was going to end I also believed that the promo would overlap with the release of Apple’s new iPod lineup. This would have meant that you could get one of the new iPods for free, unfortunately this isn’t the case. But, if you are looking to buy a Mac and wouldn’t mind having one of the old iPods this is a great deal.

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