iTunes May Gain Blu-ray Support and Application Organization ➝

The Boy Genius Report has “received a tip from a pretty reliable source” claiming that iTunes 9 will include support for Blu-ray. This isn’t the first time this rumor has cropped up though. Back in April a MacRumors forum poster pointed out that the iTunes 8.2 beta contained references to Blu-ray data from Gracenote.

But, with the latest rumors that the iMac line could receive Blu-ray drives, you might want to take this a little more seriously (but I would still suggest a grain of salt).

The Boy Genius has also been told that iTunes 9 will include the ability to “visually organize and arrange your iPhone and iPod touch applications.” I’m hoping that this new feature will also add application descriptions. Currently the only way to find out what an application in your iTunes library actually does (other than hints from the apps name and icon) is to search for its name in the iTunes Store.

And finally, the part of these iTunes 9 rumors that almost made me pass it by, “some kind of Twitter/Facebook/Last.fm integration.” Why can’t they just quit while they’re ahead?

Update 8/12/09: The Boy Genius Report has posted some screenshots from a German blog that claim to depict some of the features in iTunes 9, and they look fake. The Boy Genius Report is also spreading rumors that Apple will be debuting a “social” application.

The application will allow you to broadcast what music you’re currently listening to, allow you to share your music with people on your network, connect with your friend’s friends (no clue on that one), and update all of your statuses at the same time. ITunes 9 will let you broadcast music statuses as well.

And regarding the application organization, the Boy Genius writes:

We’ve been told it allow you to sort your applications alphabetically, by genre, date added, and of course, custom arrangement.