iPhone Weather Apps

Default iPhone Weather App

It doesn’t seem like there is a single weather application for the iPhone that I would consider to be good.

The problem is that they all have cluttered user interfaces and are filled with information that normal users don’t really care about.

I don’t know about all of you but I’ve never found any local weather information displayed on a map to be particularly useful. There is really only three pieces of information that I need from a weather app, the temperature, wind speed, and precipitation. But, the application has to display not only current conditions but also the next 10-12 hours (hourly) and the next 7 days (daily).

I don’t need video content, I don’t need severe storm warnings, and I don’t need maps with radar or clouds displayed.

The best application that I’ve found for giving me the information that I need is The Weather Channel’s application but this app also includes the information that I don’t need. It also doesn’t save the most recent weather update to be displayed while newly updated information is coming in, I’m tired of reading the “Retrieving weather information. Please wait…” screen.

Retrieving weather information. Please wait...

What I really want is an application that is well designed and behaves like the default Weather application but includes wind and hourly breakdowns. To my knowledge, this application simply doesn’t exist.

And, if it does than this is just another example of how difficult it is to browse the App Store and sometimes the best doesn’t bubble to the top.

Update 1/8/10: Outside, by Robocat