Apple to Hold Media Event on September 9 ➝

It’s all rumors currently but John Paczkowski of All Things Digital is citing “sources close to the company” claiming that the date of the Apple media event will be Wednesday, September 9.

The event will be held in San Francisco–most likely at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where it has occurred in years past

I’m expecting a new iPod touch and iPod nano (both with cameras), iTunes 9, Cocktail, and possibly an iMac refresh (most likely just specification bumps, although there have been rumors of “compelling new features”).

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7/27/09: Apple’s Project ‘Cocktail’ Coming in September
4/7/09: iPod touch May Gain Camera in Future Hardware Revision

Update 8/19/09: 9 to 5 Mac is theorizing that the Beatles might be part of Apple’s upcoming media event. Jonny Evans mentions some odd coincidences with the September 9 date. It is likely just idle speculation but interesting none the less.

Update 8/20/09: A press release from the Apple Corps. now states:

Discussions regarding the digital distribution of the catalog will continue. There is no further information available at this time.

Which could mean the Beatles isn’t going to be involved with the Apple event, but who knows, this could just be their way of calming speculation.

Update 8/26/09:AppleInsider can independently confirm” that Apple will be holding a media event on September 9.

Update 8/31/09: Apple Makes September 9 Event Official

Update 9/13/09: Covino & Rich iPod touch was Real