Snow Leopard Build 10A421a

QuickTime X Icon

Last night Snow Leopard build 10A421a was pushed out to developers through Software Update. The update seems to contain mostly bug fixes but QuickTime has a new build, 51, and has received the new QuickTime X icon.

About QuickTime 10.0 (51)

At the time of writing this the above changes are all that have been found but as new ones are found I will post them below.

Update 7/25/09: Snow Leopard now sports some new desktop wallpapers, UNEASYsilence has full resolution versions available to download.

Snow Leopard Wallpapers

Update 7/25/09: There has been some speculation that because of the relatively small list of changes in this latest build, Apple must be getting very close to a GM release.

Update 7/26/09: I’ve heard some chatter about this latest build fixing a Wi-Fi bug many people were having with the previous build. The bug didn’t seem to be too big of a deal, what happened was the OS would report to you that there was no internet connection by placing an exclamation mark over the Wi-Fi indicator. When you checked on the alert it essentially went through a dialog box loop of Nexts and OKs trying to fix the problem. The strange thing about the bug is that the internet access did work properly, the OS just didn’t seem to know that.

Update 8/2/09: Pre-Order Snow Leopard From Amazon

Update 8/4/09: I haven’t seen any signs of this new interface but an AppleInsider reader has sent in the following image claiming that it is the new interface for embedded QuickTime files that will display when a user is using QuickTime X. This new interface is supposedly displayed when accessing local content if you are using the latest build of Snow Leopard with QuickTime X.

QuickTime X Embed