Appmodo Still Claims $55 as Tethering Price ➝

Even though AT&T has denied the $55 per month pricing for tethering, Appmodo is still claiming it as the price.

Appmodo is the source of the original rumor in the middle of June saying that both MMS and tethering were to be coming in July with tethering costing $55 per month.

Not only is Appmodo claiming that it is still set to cost $55 per month on top of the current iPhone data plan they are also claiming that it has been pushed back to September.

There is a general consensus amongst most writers who focus on Apple news that AT&T is worried that turning on tethering and MMS would be detrimental to the quality of their data network. But, if that is the case then why would AT&T turn both of them on at the same time? Wouldn’t it be smarter to turn MMS on first and then allow people to tether a month or so later?

Appmodo is sourcing an “undisclosed reputable AT&T employee” and I have a feeling that they are telling the truth, but am worried that their source doesn’t actually know the real deal. I’m sure their source believes the information he has to be true, but whether or not it will remain this way at launch is a completely different story.

Don’t forget that as long as AT&T doesn’t bill you extra for doing so, you can turn on tethering right now.

Update 8/3/09: According to iPhone Alley firmware 3.1 beta has already enabled MMS, so it is likely that MMS will be enabled for all iPhone 3G and 3GS users with the final 3.1 update.